20 Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged a few times to post 20 Facts About Me but put it off because I reckon I’m quite boring. However, I’ve loved reading everyone else’s posts!

So here they are, 20 Facts About Me, enjoy!

I can lick my own elbow!

I first met Robin when he ran the open mic night at my local pub in Troon. Sucker for a guitar.

I’ve met Ed Sheeran – he did a private gig at Capital FM in Glasgow for the Teenage Cancer Trust and I was invited along! He was lovely.

When I started uni, I was originally training to be a techy teacher. After two school placements I realised teaching wasn’t for me and changed the education part of my degree to Business. I graduated with a joint honours in Technology and Business instead and now I work in marketing.

I went through secondary school with a close group of guy friends, but not seen any of them since having Oscar.

I’m an only child, can you tell?

The Sound Of Music is my favourite movie of all time… I know every word.

My Pom Pom obsession is out of control. I love doing crafts.

I’ve always really enjoyed photography and even more so since having Oscar, wanting to capture all the wee moments as well as the milestones. I got a Nikon D5500 for my birthday and I’m still practicing. I want to start taking lessons soon to get better.

I drink so much fizzy juice my teeth will probably rot + fall out before I’m 30. Pepso Max is life.

I frequently dream that I’m married to Simon Cowell. He’s my guilty pleasure.

I absolutely HATE grey joggies. I’m sorry but they make me physically boke. No one should wear them.

I lived in Birmingham for two years with Robin before moving back to Scotland. We lived right on the canal next to Brindley Place and loved it – our neighbour was Nicolas Anelka! I still miss it sometimes and I met some really brilliant people who I still talk about all the time.

I have one gammy ear – it’s all weird and folded. It’s like my Nemo fin.

I’m a terrible singer. In 7 years Robin doesn’t think he’s ever heard me sing a note in tune. I’m cool with that.

Love most food, especially the spicy stuff, but I’m slightly phobic of yum yums, they give me the creeps.

My favourite TV show is ’24’ – when I was in hospital, Robin bought me the box set. To this day, it’s one of the best gifts I’ve been given.

I’ve turned down a marriage proposal…

I don’t drink tea or coffee – I have an issue with the viscosity. I don’t think I’ve ever even made a cup of either

And last, but certainly not least… When I had Noro Virus I 💩 myself in the kitchen. Shit happens. Sometimes literally.

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