3rd Trimester

28th week of pregnancy, the Third Trimester – well, that kinda snuck up on us…

Time really does go so quickly, especially when you barely have a second to think about the fact that you’re pregnant but I’m loving it. I finally have an actual bump and don’t just look like I’ve piled on a tonne of timber… YAY!

When I announced I was pregnant, I asked for people’s experiences of anterior placentas and the feedback was a mixed bag. From people saying they still felt a tonne of movement to others saying they didn’t feel an awful lot. I knew I’d just have to wait and see and I’m glad to say that I’m feeling a lot, and seeing lots of movement on the outside too which is always really reassuring! Thank you to everyone that took time to comment!

I’d say in the last few weeks I’ve been starting to think more about what it’ll actually be like when the baby arrives and it’s so exciting… AND SCARY! I’m definitely one, in general, to be outwardly positive about my feelings and not really discuss my reservations, but they’re there, by the bucket load!I feel guilty that we’re turning Oscar’s little world upside down [as an only child, this is something I never experienced]

  • I’d hate for him to feel pushed out and I hope that I can still get lots of one on one time with him but I also know that breastfeeding a new born is time consuming [first time round it didn’t matter – we spent so much time feeding/winding/napping while watching boxsets!]
  • We’ve decided to keep Oscar in with his childminder through my maternity leave for continuity and for the social aspect and so we have some time with baby. But on the flip side, I worry that people will think we’re papping him off for ease?
  • I hate the thought that if my two babies are crying I’ll be in a position of having to choose while I help first.

I mean, I think at these feelings are normal… I hope they are… are they?!

With all this being said, I know Oscar will be a great brother, he’s so full of love and even with the inevitable worries, I can’t help be feel so excited for what’s to come. I’m still not sure how much he understands about what’s ahead, but I think generally we underestimate him, so we’re trying to involve him as much as possible and it melts my heart when he “gives baby a big kiss” before bed!

All this does not mean we’re organised though… we’re far from it! I have got rid of pretty much all of Oscar’s baby clothes so I’m starting fresh, and I’ve done ok on that front, loving all the neutral colours and winter knits… however, beyond that, we have nothing. I have however, received confirmation of my Scottish Baby Box order, so that’ll be here in the next few months and I can’t wait to see what’s inside – it sounds fab! If I’m honest, we had a lot of stuff for Oscar that, looking back, we really didn’t need (hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?) so I’m intentionally trying to be more sensible this time – I think in the next week or two I’ll put together a little list to share with you because it’s something I wish I’d had first time – would have saved me some pennies at least!
I’m hoping in the next few weeks we’ll have an exact date to expect our new addition, I know this isn’t the norm for most people, but it was something that I loved having with Oscar and this time will be great for childcare logistics if nothing else! It’s nearly time to start thinking ahead to the birth and the options available to us. With Oscar I had a wonderful experience, a planned section that all went off without a hitch. It’s funny how after something like that, as humans, we can’t help but think “I can’t possibly be that lucky again, something’s bound to go wrong…” – why do we always think the worst?!

This time round I will also be going ahead with placenta encapsulation. Now, I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was really interested in it with Oscar and ashamed to say I let other people’s views [and a flippant comment from a random midwife] put me off and I’ve kicked myself about it ever since! I entered a competition to win the service from the amazing Jen at Your Birth Scotland and I was so lucky to actually win! It’s something I’m really excited about and I’ll do a wee post on it nearer the time!

However, in the meantime, I’m just enjoying these last few months with our First Little Baba and looking forward to his third Christmas and last as an only child. It’s hard to believe it’s practically November already – my last full month at work as I finish up at Christmas for Maternity Leave!

Our family is growing – and I can’t wait for all our adventures as four.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with baby two – what took you by surprise? What advice would you give to mums + dads? How did your little ones take it? SEND HELP! 

Over and out,

Lou x

One thought on “3rd Trimester

  1. When baby number 2 joins you, you will be aware of how easily you will don the “new mum” mantle and simply “know” how to help Oscar adjust to this new sibling who appears to be monopolizing his mamma. Don’t allow any guilt to creep in as you are giving him the best gift , and dare I say it , lesson , in his development. It’s a very special time watching these tiny beings bond and communicate in ways that are long forgotten by we adults. X

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