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So, if you’re anywhere near Edinburgh right now you’ll be more than aware that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is kicking off for its 70th year and it’s gonna be a good one. Ya know, it is only the best Festival in the world + it’s on our doorstep. I’m excited.

I have so many good memories of past Fringe Madness from before I even lived in Edinburgh, right up to the last few years when we’ve been in the thick of it. In 2015 we hit the Fringe for one last day of freedom the night before we went into hospital to have Oscar, before celebrating his birthday last year by taking him to his first show and we plan to do it all again this year.

I’ve put together a wee list of things that (hopefully, maybe) will be worth seeing and I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

Udderbelly in 2016


For the L I T T L E S

The Amazing Bubble Man @ Underbelly, George Sq. – Oscar loves bubbles, bubbles are his life, so this one is a must for us. I mentioned it at work and a colleague told me that she took her little girl to see this guy 6 years ago and it was great – he’s still going, so it must be good! I’m quietly excited for this one!

Brick City – The Backstage Tour! @ Riddle’s Court – well, this one isn’t so much a show but a LEGO sculpture exhibition. Oscar does enjoy tearing lego apart as well as putting it together, so maybe we’ll keep him contained to the buggy, but I reckon we’ll enjoy this one too. I mean, these guys build LEGO for a living, that’s the dream!

Calvinball @ Royal Botanic Gardens – “marvellous outdoor play for babies, toddlers and their families. Lively, musical and slightly wild, this unique theatre experience draws on the natural curiosities of children” – this is one for if the weathers good (I’m not holding out hope considering what it’s been like recently…)

I’ve also heard a lot about the Childrens Art area in the Pleasance Courtyard, the same colleague that has seen the Amazing Bubble Man was also telling me that she visits this area with her little girl every year and they make a tshirt together – she has about 7 or 8! I love this idea, so going to pop down a day and see what the craic is!

Oscar’s first Fringe show in 2016


For the B I G S

Adam Kay – Fingering A Minor on the Piano @ Gilded Balloon Teviot – Now, I saw this show last year with my besties and it was my pick of the year, absolutely brilliant, and I told so many people about it. I’ve noticed this year that Adam is back again with the same show and I’d urge everyone to go see it, a great alternative comedy show with a strong message – I’m probably gonna see it again this year! [PS. please don’t let the title put you off!]

Tape Face (formally Boy With Tape On His Face) @ Pleasance Courtyard – Ok, so I saw BWTOHF back in 2012 at The Fringe when he was really starting to gain some traction. The show was brilliant and I saw him a year or two later when we lived in Birmingham too. Well, he’s back this year and you should pop down and see him. We tried on the preview night but due to the show running an hour late and a babysitter at home, we had to bail, perhaps we’ll try again!

(500) Days of Stammer @ Black Market – This is one I’m going to get booked! Since originally noticing it because of the name and my love for the movie the poster is based on I’ve now actually heard lots of good things about this show and a lot of people recommending it.

Adele Is Younger Than Us @ Pleasance Dome – apparently it’s ‘Guaranteed to put a smile on your face’, so what could go wrong?! I’ll let you know…

Daniel Sloss: NOW @EICC – well, I won’t be going to this one, but my inconsiderate arsehole lovely boyfriend (just a wee joke Robin) has booked this with his friends.

Ellie Taylor: This Guy @ Pleasance Courtyard – another one I saw last year, to be honest I went in pretty indifferent but left slightly obsessed. I still have my “Tenerife, Nan, LASAGNE” badge to prove it… Go see her, you won’t be disappointed.

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Live @ Gilded Balloon Teviot – already sold out, so must be decent, but if any tickets come available I’ll be wanting to check it out!

Scott Gibson: Like Father Like Son @ Gilded Balloon Teviot – The winner of the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer is back.

It’s great to hear recommendations, but it’s also great just to go sit in a bar at Udderbelly with a cider or walk down the Royal Mile and talk to the lovely folk handing out flyers – they’re often for their own shows, have a chat with them and go and see some of them, they might be free or cheap cheap so give them a go and you might discover something brilliant! You may also end up in a show where you’re one of only 6 people in the audience and no one is laughing… it happens and you’ll laugh about it later! I’ve had a few eye openers over the years!

Please fire all your suggestions my way – I have a week off work so I want to make the most of it!

Obligatory Coo pic


Being cheesy at my second Fringe in 2012

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  1. Booked to go to former first minister Alex Salmond show on 18th (sold out now I believe ) followed by evening performance of Dark Side of The Moon @ Planet Earth!
    Can’t wait!!
    Lots of great ideas lou!!

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