This Is Me

Hello you!

Here is where I share our family’s journey and everything that comes with it – the highs and the lows – with the odd Edinburgh recommendation thrown in.

I’m Lou, hi!

I’m twenty-seven and live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Originally from Troon on the west coast of Scotland, my partner Robin and I moved back to Scotland in 2014 after spending two years living in Birmingham. For me, Motherhood was established in August 2015 when our little boy Oscar was welcomed to the world.

Oscar 4 Days Old

As a new mum, living in a new city, Social Media was a saviour for me – being able to connect with and share experiences with like minded people throughout pregnancy and beyond has been amazing and I have made so many friends along the way. That was why, one day, I decided to change my Instagram name to @TheEdinburghMum, to connect with more people and make more friends – and so far, so good.

So here we are – the next step…

So whether you’re a new mum on the other side of the world whose toddler has just thrown a bowl of food across a busy restaurant and want reassurance that you’re not alone, or if you’re a mum of 10 (with a hell of a lot more stories to tell than me) looking for a fun activity in Edinburgh I hope you can enjoy and relate.

While you’re here, give my Insta or Facebook  a follow, say hello,  and feel free to give me a nudge if I forget to keep posting!

Peace Out! x

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